Getting It Together

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Learning how to maximize small group relationships.

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Virgil Fox & John Grady – Pipe Organ Music – Sound Engineering – The Organs – Part Two

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Part two of ‘The Organs’ video with three more selections taken from two vinyl albums showcasing the magnificent recorded sound from cathedral pipe organs as played by the great Virgil Fox, John Grady and Donald Dumler.
The first selection is John Grady and Donald Dumler playing a pipe organ duet, ‘The Great Organ’ and The Chancler Organ, at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City. A masterful job of recording by audio engineer Kenneth Mapes from Mirrosonic Records.

The next two selections are the master organist himself, Virgil Fox, playing the great organ at Riverside Church in New York City. This time, however, it is a recording from RCA Records Living Stereo Red Seal series also from 1959 entitled “Virgil Fox – Encores”. The audio engineer is none other than one of the best, John Crawford.

Both copies of vinyl are in great condition. The usual scrub-and-rinse cleaning method was used with very light de-clicking and no noise filtering needed. Slight EQ was applied.

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Keep Looking Up – Bud and Darlene Chambers Oklahoma City OK

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Sharing my gospel record collection, I hope you enjoy this song. If you like classic gospel music like this, I invite you to subscribe to my YouTube channel. New songs added daily. You’re Comments are welcome.

Fly-through of Historic Carlsbad Caverns Stairs

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A team from the HDP office, consisting of HABS architect Mark Schara, HAER architect Jeremy Mauro, HABS historian Lisa Davidson, and HAER photographer Jet Lowe, traveled to Carlsbad, New Mexico, 29-31 January, to document the historic stairs in Carlsbad Caverns National Park.

Beginning in 1925, the newly-established park undertook the construction of a system of wooden staircasess in order to enable visitor access to the caverns. Within a decade, however, the park had begun the construction of a sequence of paved paths and switchback ramps as a more pedestrian-amenable replacement to the stairs, which were subsequently abandoned and eventually, for the most part, removed. The six flights of stairs documented by the HDP team, located on the east side of Iceberg Rock, are the last surviving portion of the original stair system.

Over the years the high humidity level in the caverns (close to 100%) has fostered the growth of mold on the stairs. The mold has caused the wood members to deteriorate, to the point that the stairs are no longer safe and have been condemned. Following the completion of the HABS documentation project, the stairs will be demolished. The project was sponsored by Carlsbad Caverns National Park.

This fly-through of the Carlsbad Caverns stairs is comprised of multiple individual scan stations using an HDR Pano Photo textured point cloud rendered in Pointools. The fly-through video animation was produced by Jeremy Mauro, HAER Architect.

This video does not contain sound.

The Heritage Documentation Programs administers HABS (Historic American Buildings Survey), the Federal Government’s oldest preservation program, and companion programs HAER (Historic American Engineering Record) and HALS (Historic American Landscapes Survey). Documentation produced through the programs constitutes the nation’s largest archive of historic architectural, engineering, and landscape documentation.

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DL Pastor Arrested for Having $ex With 3 Male Inmates at Virginia Jail

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New York City Subway: (Q) Local & (B) Express Trains at Church Avenue

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Metropolitan Transportation Authority [New York City Subway – BMT Brighton Line]
Next Station North: Parkside Avenue (
Next Station South: Beverly Road (Link Unavailable)

Here we have evening Brighton Line Service at Church Avenue.

(Routes / Equipment)
[(B) – 6th Avenue Express] | 145th Street, Manhattan to/from Brighton Beach, Brooklyn (Kawasaki R-68A)
[(Q) – Broadway Express] | Astoria, Queens to/from Coney Island, Brooklyn (Kawasaki R-160)

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Making It Grow – Mrs. Whaley’s Garden

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Clemson Extension Agent and Host of “Making It Grow” visited the famous Mrs. Whaley’s Garden in Charleston, SC. She was lucky enough to get a tour with one of Mrs. Whaley’s daughters, Marty Whaley Adams Cornwell.

Mrs. Emily Whaley (1911-1998) and her husband, Ben Scott Whaley (1909-1987), bought the circa 1754 Charleston Single House in 1938 and raised three daughters there. In 1942, Mrs. Whaley commissioned Landscape Architect Loutrel W. Briggs (1893-1977) to design a plan for their 30 x 110 foot plot behind their Pre-Revolutionary home on Church Street. Mrs. Whaley’s legacy is felt in the open garden rooms and her ever-lasting memoir, “Mrs. Whaley and Her Charleston Garden”.